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The e-IRG Knowledge Base contains all relevant information on available e-Infrastructures, supercomputing, storage and networking resources and grids for science and research, as well as policies, funding organisations and projects in Europe. The Knowledge Base is a resource made available to the e-IRG and to the general public, for referencing and policy decision purposes. The information is presented in a readily accessible form.


You can subscribe to the latest contents update (as an RSS/Atom newsfeed) on top of this page. This way you always keep up to date. Below we list the latest major changes and additions to the Knowledge Base.

  • e-Infrastructure projects  included.
  • Redesign lay-out
  • TOP500 list of  included
  • Redesign and new document library


Sources used in the Knowledge Base

The sources that are available include resources that are maintained by the editors of the Knowledge Base and external resources that are not under control of the editors. The view on the Knowledge Base that you see on this website integrates all those resources.

Internal, maintained by the eIRGSP5 editors with input from e-IRG:

  • e-Infrastructures policies Topic Map
  • National and Regional Grids Topic Map
  • e-Infrastructures systems Topic Map
  • Grid projects Topic Map
  • Documents Topic Map
  • e-IRG delegates Topic Map
  • Grid Application Areas Classification


Some external resources:

  • TOP500 Topic Map. From the TOP500 site maintained by the TOP500 organisation.
  • Countries Topic Map. We use the ISO classification and naming of countries.



About e-IRGSP6 and e-IRG

The e-Infrastructures Reflection Group (e-IRG) is an inter-governmental policy body comprising national delegates from more than 30 European countries


The Knowledge Base is maintained at and by Genias Benelux, as part of the e-IRG Support Programme (e-IRGSP6)

What is in the Knowledge Base

Total number of items in the Knowledge Base 22.200
Number of project descriptions 288
Number of organisations that partner in projects 886
Number of computer centres 533
Number of computer systems 1.261
Number of Grids 63
Number of NRENS 49
Documents and reports 657


There are many ways you can browse through this map. The main entries are listed in the menu on the left hand side. Please use these as a starting point. In the second column, lists appear, depending on your choices. Alternatively you can start with the Search facility at the top of the page.


The copyright of contents of the Knowledge Base resources is with the owners of the original resources. The copyright of the Topic Map representation is Genias Benelux B.V.. In general the content  of the e-IRG Knowledge Base can be re-used when acknowledged. Part of it is available as open source on Zenodo.

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