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Cloud computing and Grid computing e-Infrastructures link local cluster computer resources together. Federated Clouds are the most recent developments.

On a European scale organisations active include:

EGI: a general federated cloud (& Grid) open to every organisation (through national organisations)

Helix Nebula a special Cloud set up by a few big laboratories.


Strategic Plan for a Scientific Cloud Computing infrastructure for Europe

The document presents the vision, the concept and the direction for forming a European Industrial Strategy for a Scientific Cloud Computing Infrastructure to be implemented by 2020. This document will be the Helix Nebula's framework for decisions and for securing support and approval in establishing, initially, an R&D European Cloud Computing Infrastructure that serves the need of European Research Area (ERA1) and Space Agencies. The Cloud Infrastructure will have the potential beyond this initial user base to evolve to provide similar services to a broad range of customers including government and SMEs. The document explains how this plan aims to support the broader strategic goals of Helix Nebula's involved organisations and identify the benefits to be realised by adopting an industrial Cloud Computing model.
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