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Crowd computing collects the computing capacity of a large number of small computers into one large infrastructure. Volunteer computing is one example where hundreds of thousands of computers are connected into one Crowd computer to help to solve science. Local Crowd computers at universities or other organisations, collect computing power for local use.

On a European scale the activiteis are co-ordianted by:

  • The International Desktop Grid Federation

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Advancing Europe’s digital future.pdf

Digital Headlines. Europe has all the assets to succeed if it takes the necessary measures:; Complete the Digital Single Market; Invest in world-class data economy infrastructure; Invest in very high-capacity connectivity; Step up the digitisation of industry; Support startups to scale up; Implement education reform and reskilling to enable people to adapt to change; Ensure high levels of data protection and cybersecurity to promote trust among citizens and protect our assets; Launch common European digital projects which cannot be implemented by individual countries on their own
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