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Crowd computing collects the computing capacity of a large number of small computers into one large infrastructure. Volunteer computing is one example where hundreds of thousands of computers are connected into one Crowd computer to help to solve science. Local Crowd computers at universities or other organisations, collect computing power for local use.

On a European scale the activiteis are co-ordianted by:

  • The International Desktop Grid Federation

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Financing the future of supercomputing - How to increase investments in high performance computing in Europe.pdf

It provides an overview of how HPC in Europe is financed today and gives recommendations on, for instance, the adaption of financial instruments. The report gives recommendations for four groups considered crucial for the European HPC ecosystem: Independent software vendors (ISVs); HPC centres (service providers); HPC intermediaries; HPC customers (users and potential users). So the European HPC hardware industry is not considered to be crucial, which is notable, as strengthening the European hardware industry is an important goal of the EuroHPC multibillion euro programme that also includes the European Processor Initiative as an important component. Joint acquisition of European exascale systems, another goal of EuroHPC, is discussed.
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