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ETP4HPC Strategic Research Agenda Achieving HPC leadership in Europe 919k
ETP4HPC Vision Paper
High Performance Computing (HPC) plays a pivotal role in stimulating Europe’s economic growth. HPC is a pervasive tool allowing industry and academia to develop world class products, services and inventions in order to maintain and reinforce Europe’s position on the competitive worldwide arena. HPC is also recognized as crucial in addressing grand societal challenges. “Today, to Out-Compute is to Out-Compete” best describes the role of HPC. To sustain its competitiveness, Europe needs to enhance its innovation capabilities using HPC. However: - Today, HPC is mostly used in large HPC research centres and some large enterprises. It needs to become much more pervasive across the entire industry, including Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). - While Europe represents a significant portion of the world’s available HPC resources, only a fraction of that technology and infrastructure is developed in Europe. - Other regions invest considerably more in new technologies, architectures and software for HPC systems, gaining a substantial competitive edge over Europe. An industry-led initiative, a European Technology Platform (ETP) for High Performance Computing, is being formed to address these issues. This ETP will define research priorities for the development of a globally competitive HPC technology ecosystem in Europe. It will propose and help to implement a Strategic Research Agenda, while acting as the “one voice” of the European HPC industry in relations with the European Commission and national authorities. The creation of this ETP fits perfectly with a European Commission’s recommendation made in its recent communication1 about HPC.
Strategic Research Agenda 2015 Update.pdf
European Technology Multi-annual Roadmap Towards Exascale High-Performance Computing Capabilities Update to 2013 Roadmap