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Open Science in Poland 2014
The most important element of open science in Poland in 2014 is Open Access to scientific content, while other elements play only a minor part, or are virtually absent. This also applies – in particular – to research data whose role in open science becomes more and more prominent in Europe and all over the world. Open Access is mostly implemented by publishers of scientific journals, researchers themselves, institutions providing IT solutions and few institutions managing repositories. Almost half of all Polish scientific journals are OA journals. There is a growing popularity of OA practices in the scientific community, and the beliefs on the ad- vantages of openness are taking root. There is a growing and developing OA e-infrastructure. Open repositories are established, although still only on a small scale. These phenomena provide good ground for further imple- mentation of open models, whereas the main challenge is the implementation of solutions – legal, technical, organisational and financial – that would allow to use the full potential of openly available content. This mostly applies to expanding the repository infrastructure and developing optimal use of the infrastructure, allowing for unified access to diverse resources on a national level. A serious problem, both in the context of international scholarly communication and the European Commission policy, is that Poland lacks institutional OA strategies and policies, both on the government level, and the level of research-funding and scientific institutions. International experience shows that without such strategies and policies an efficient implementation of OA is not possible. At the same time, it appears that due to the shape of Polish science system, developing, adopting and implementing such strategies and policies could help Poland to quickly catch up to international standards.