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Compendium of e-Infrastructure requirements for the digital ERA
The original concept behind this publication was to prepare a collection of scientific use cases, including their requirements to inform subsequent engagement and outreach activities. The compendium comprises the following scientific cases: CTA, DARIAH, EMSO, Fusion, Hydro-metereology, Life Science, EISCAT-3D, Structural Biology and High Energy Physics.
Cross Border Procurement of eInfrastructure services-Opportunities, Barriers, Use cases, Best Practices.pdf
D2.11n Engage project
Federated Cloud
The Federated Cloud Solution is targeted at researchers and research communities that need to access digital resources on a flexible environment, using common standards to support their data- and computing intensive experiments.
Federated Operations
The Federated Operations solution is primarily aimed at Research Infrastructures and Resource Centres already within the European Grid Infrastructure EGI community or wishing to become part of it. It can also help other IT service providers that are geographically and/or structurally dispersed, and wish to organise themselves for federated service provision.
High-Throughput Data analysis
The “High-throughput Data Analysis” solution is aimed to help individual researchers, and research communities that have large scale data management and computational capacity requirements. The challenges that they typically face are limitations in available computational resources, the technical and administrative problems of sharing their data sets, and a need to access different facilities in different locations.
Open Science Commons
With this paper, the European Grid Infrastructure (EGI) proposes the Open Science Commons as a new approach to digital research, tackling policy challenges and embracing open science as a new paradigm for knowledge creation and collaboration. EGI invites organisations from the research landscape to join it in this journey to develop these concepts, and through them to advance the implementation of the European Research Area.
Secure, federated data-analysis capability for the European Research Area
An EGI strategy to tackle society’s grand challenges by providing a powerful, secure, efficient and scalable research infrastructure and associated support services for leading-edge data analytics.
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