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Roadmap for research infrastructures A pilot project of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
Research infrastructures (RI) are an essential compo­ nent of every science and research system. In turn, efficient research infrastructures serve to advance basic scientific research and enable complex or even inter­ disciplinary scientific issues to be addressed. Further­ more, access to wide-ranging research infrastructures provides a basic framework that enables scientists to continue their training and fosters the transfer of technology and knowledge. Thus, the cornerstones are laid down for a high-performance and future-oriented science and research system. This increases Germany‘s attractiveness as a location of scientific and techno­ logical developments, even at international level. In particular, research infrastructures with cross-border partnerships attract a large number of scientists and young science professionals from Europe and all over the world. Therefore, investments in research infra­ structures invariably invest in the future of society.
Strategy of the Federal Government on the European Research Area (ERA) Guidelines and National Roadmap
The Federal Government sees the further development of the European Research Area as an important driver for strengthening Europe's scientific performance as a whole and expanding its innovative capacity to meet the objectives of the Europe 2020 Strategy. Key measures must be taken at national level so that the European Research Area, like the Single Market, can become a perceptible reality for the people of Europe