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Introduction Introduction

National roadmaps for Research Infrastructures provided by member states are presented on this page. Description presents current situation in the e-Infrastructure as well as plans of development. Naturally, roadmaps are focused mainly on infrastructure aspects like: network, computation, data storage and presents short-term and long-term goals from local perspective.  Moreover, from presented study we can learn that the national network providers which offer services for institutes, universities, colleges and cultural organisations are often confronted with requirements to deliver more sophisticated support to research across all scientific disciplines. In some cases the analysis goes beyond the e-Infrastructure and identified software-related needs like coordinated and consolidated databases specific science discipline. Providing secure access on adequate level to networks, storage, computing resources is always a vital point in many analysis. The studies often touches also facets like support for advanced users, e-Science tools and data mining.

The documents are a good starting point for discussion on present situation in European Union and an important point when laying development plans. The e-Infrastructure paves the way for common solutions for shared needs and requirements. Having a general, common layer of supporting e-infrastructures also allows for a refocus on science  for the disciplinary research infrastructures. E-infrastructures shared by thematic infrastructures are an important facilitator of cross-disciplinary sharing, thereby enabling the study of fundamentally new research questions. The interoperability of these infrastructures with the horizontal support structures becomes key for collaboration, sharing of data and results and for scientific development as such. The e-infrastructures are a crucial part of the data driven science.

If you want to see a  Road Map in the context of the developments inside a specific country, please look at the page in the country section of the Knowledge Base.

If you want to know when to expect a new National Research Infrastructure Roadmap, have a look at http://www.esfri.eu/national-roadmaps.

National roadmaps for Research Infrastructures National roadmaps for Research Infrastructures

Austria ["AT"]

Österreichischer Forschungsinfrastruktur- Aktionsplan 2014-2020.pdf

Australia ["AU"]

Australia - 2016 National Research Infrastructure Roadmap.pdf

Bulgaria ["BG"]

Bulgaria-National Roadmap for Research Infrastructure 2017-2023.pdf

Bulgaria ["BG"]

Resolution No. 692 21 September 2010 For Acceptance of National Road Map for research infrastructure.pdf

Switzerland ["CH"]

2015 Research Infrastructures Roadmap.pdf

Czech Republic ["CZ"]

Roadmap of Large Infrastructures for Research, Experimental Development and Innovation of the Czech Republic for the years 2016–2022.pdf

Germany ["DE"]

Enhancing research data management - performance through diversity.pdf

Denmark ["DK"]

Danish Roadmap for Research Infrastructures.pdf

Estonia ["EE"]

Eesti teadustaristute teekaart 2014.pdf

Spain ["ES"]

Map of Singular Scientific and Technical Infrastructures .pdf

Finland ["FI"]

Finland’s strategy and roadmap for research infrastructures 2014-2020.pdf

France ["FR"]

National plan for Open Science

France ["FR"]

Research Infrastructures for France - Roadmap 2008.pdf

France ["FR"]

Research infrastructures Road map 2012-2020.pdf

France ["FR"]

Stratégie Nationale Des Infrastructures De Recherche - Édition 2016.pdf

Greece ["GR"]

National Roadmap for Research Infrastructures 2014.pdf

Croatia ["HR"]

Croatian research and innovation infrastructures roadmap.pdf

Hungary ["HU"]

National Research Infrastructure Roadmap 2018

Italy ["IT"]

Programma Nazionale per le Infrastrutture di Ricerca (PNIR).pdf

Lithuania ["LT"]

Roadmap for research infrastructures of lithuania.pdf

Norway ["NO"]

Norway’s national strategy for research infrastructure 2012-2017.pdf

Poland ["PL"]

Polska Mapa Drogowa Infrastruktury Badawczej.pdf

Portugal ["PT"]

Portuguese Roadmap of Research Infrastructures 2014 - 2020.pdf

Romania ["RO"]

Report regarding Research Infrastructures of Romania.pdf

Sweden ["SE"]

The Swedish Research Council's guide to research infrastructure 2018.pdf

Slovenia ["SI"]

Slovenia - Research Infrastructures Roadmap 2011-2020.pdf